Mystery Quilt

This workshop began just before Xmas 2012 and has run over several weeks.   I designed and made up the small medallion-style quilt specifically for a Mystery Quilt Challenge for the Group.  I then set to, mentally de-constructing the quilt into segments so that as they were made up the mystery would be kept until the last possible moment.  No easy feat!

Several members took up the challenge and participants were only told how much fabric was needed in light, medium and dark colour values.  The girls found it very difficult choosing fabrics to make something when they didn't know what it looked like, but I did of course, so was able to suggest fabrics from those they brought in to be auditioned. I drew up cutting plans for the four fabrics, and the first class was spent cutting all the various components.

The next two sessions concentrated on making segments for the on-point border, and the checkerboard border, but as they were made up in segments no-one was able to work out that they were parts of borders or what the layout would be.

The fourth session revealed the inner medallion, and then in the fifth class the setting triangles were revealed and suddenly the girls began to see what was happening!

After more borders had been added the girls began to think of ideas for appliqué work to be added to the setting triangles and centre block.  Some have used Celtic-knot work as a design source, and others have taken ideas from the fabrics themselves and appliquéd  solid shapes.

Workshop tutor, Rachel Atienza

Tutor's quilt

Cath used a different outer border style

Christine´s quilt top in progress

Helen Hulm's quilt top

Helen Pegman's quilt top in progress

Pam has started the quilting on her top

Jan's Celtic-knot work and applique

Jill's quilt top

Maria's quilt top in progress

Ann's quilt top with Celtic-knot work

Helen and new members looking at Rachel's class sample quilt

Cath, Maria and Jill

Jill pleased with her centre medallion

Maria rotary cutting border strips

Pam adding border strips

Students busy machining

Helen adding borders

Gill pressing her centre medallion

Ann working on her centre medallion

Helen checking border sizes

Pam deciding on the outer border layout

Pam cutting bordes

Eloise chain piecing


Maria getting to grips with rotary cutting

Cath, Helen and Jill

Christine, Cath and Helen

Helen, Jill and Maria

Pam and Jill

Helen and Jan

Maria and Gill


Cath explaining to an interested Christine

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