Jan Stitching Corner

Q: How long have you been living in Spain Jan?

Jan: About seven and a half years

Q:  Have you always been creative?

Jan:  Yes, Iīve sewed since childhood, starting with dressmaking, then soft furnishings for the home, before taking classes in patchwork

Q:  When did you take up patchwork?

Jan:  I joined a patchwork group in the UK and made blocks for a large bed quilt, but didnīt feel happy with the teaching so the blocks lay in a cupboard unloved and unfinished for quite some time.  Then I moved to Spain, eventually met Rachel and we started up this group in 2006, and she helped me finish the quilt.

Q:  Do you work solely in patchwork?

Jan:  After buying a new embroidery/sewing machine a few years ago, I really enjoy automatic machine embroidery and often incorporate this in my quilts.

Q:  Do you work alone or with anyone else and where?

Jan:  I meet with Kath on Mondays and stitch  at home where Iīm lucky enough to have a purposely adapted room where I do my stitching.  Another friend Alison comes here to stitch on Fridays, a local Spanish lady Carmen comes here one evening a week, two young girls come over once a month and Friday nights I teach a group of Spanish ladies for the Womenīs Association in the village of Periana.  And of course there is the Viņuela Sew and Sews group which I attend each Tuesday.  You could say stitching is a big part of my life!


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