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Ann is a prolific patchworker and is never totally happy if she isn't working on one of her colourful quilt projects.  Here are a selection of those she has made while in the UK in between her visits to Spain over the last few years, many of which are donated to charities or given to family members as there is a limit to how many quilts she can use and display in her home.   The common thread running through most of Ann's work is "colour" and despite no formative training, Ann certainly has an eye for which colours work with which.  It's nearly always possible to spot one of Ann's projects in a room full of quilts and this is what attracts many of our group members to ask her for a tutorial on a particular quilt.  Ann makes it her "mission" these days to attend as many new technique workshops in the UK as she can during the months she is not with us in Spain, so widening her knowledge base and developing more quilt ideas. Another of Ann's passions is scouring charity shops for cotton garments that she can take apart and cut up for use in her quilts.  She has recently asked group members for donations of men's shirts, so it will be interesting to see the project that eventually results from these gifts! Nov 2010

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